How do I use Media Express to Record Video in the ConCap Studio123 (LIB123)?


If this is your first time recording in Studio123 please read through these instructions in their entirety and review the images at the bottom of the page before proceeding. If you run into difficulties use the support phone located on the wall in the Studio to call UBC Studios Okanagan Campus.


Preparing the Studio and Launching Blackmagic Media Express

  1. Close Blackout Blinds on both front and rear windows (ensure back window is closed)
  2. Turn on Filming Lights using switches on wall by phone, turn off traditional ceiling lights
  3. Plug your USB drive into the port located on the left side of the computer monitor
  4. Turn off Desktop Speakers using the volume dial on the front of Left Speaker (having speakers on will create an audio feedback loop)
  5. Toggle the camera power from Off to Camera, open Lens Cap, flip open and turn LCD Screen to face the subject

     (See larger diagram below)

  6. Check the Dock on the bottom of the computer screen to ensure all programs (including Audacity and Mediasite Express) do not have a Black Dot below the icon (this indicates the program is running). If running, right-click the program icon and select "Quit"
  7. From the computer desktop, launch Blackmagic Media Express
  8. Select the Log and Capture tab


Aiming the Camera at the Presenter/Subject

  1. Have subject stand on the mat for optimal audio recording
  2. Once on the mat, observe the computer screen or camera LCD to see if subject is properly framed (note the slight delay on the computer screen)
    1. If the subject is standing or sitting, adjust camera stand height vertically by releasing the tension knob located where tripod shaft meets the desk, make the adjustment, then re-tighten the tension knob
    2. If the subject is still too high or low, adjust the camera tilt (up and down), turn the handle just below the camera counter-clockwise to loosen the head, make the adjustment, then turn handle clockwise to tighten
    3. If the subject is too far off centre when standing on the mat, adjust the pan (left and right), turn the handle just below the camera counter-clockwise to loosen the head, make the adjustment, then turn handle clockwise to tighten
    4. If the subject is too small, or too large in the screen, adjust camera zoom for frame size. Using the rocker switch (pictured below) press the side labelled T to zoom in, and W to zoom out

    5. Note: Properly setting the camera may take a bit of patience, but it is very necessary for a good looking final product


Recording your Video

  1. Click Capture to start recording

  2. Performance notes:
    1. If the Subject wants to address (or talk directly to) the Audience they should speak directly to the lens of the camera. Try not to look at the computer monitor
    2. If the Subject wants to read a script, position the paper or computer screen closely below the lens of the camera
  3. When the Subject is finished delivering their message, have them pause for 5 seconds before leaving the mat or stopping the recording. This will allow room for potential editing afterwards
  4. To stop the recording click Capture again. This will create a video file that will be saved to the computer desktop
  5. For additional recordings return to Step 1


When Finished Recording

  1. Make sure you’ve ended your recording (Step 4 above)
  2. At the top left of the computer screen and select Blackmagic Media Express, then on the drop down select Quit
  3. When asked if you want to save the Project, select No
  4. On the computer screen desktop, locate the new video file(s) and drag and drop them onto your USB drive
  5. After the file transfer is complete, eject your USB drive from the computer desktop by right-clicking on the USB icon and selecting Eject
  6. Click the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen and select Log Out
  7. Turn off Camera, close Lens Cap and LCD Screen
  8. Turn on traditional ceiling lights, turn off Filming Lights



Media Express Program Layout


Camera Features

Camera 01.jpg

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