3rd Party Website Domain Purchases & Renewals - changing account ownership in ENom


Previously the IT Procurement team managed the purchasing and renewals of domains for UBCO departments. Payment was made using the UBC IT Procurement credit card with renewal reminders sent to the email of whichever procurement officer purchased it (usually Chris Kwong). This created many issues with domain renewal requests getting missed during vacation periods or when people retired or left Procurement.

New Process - 2022

With the changes in 2022 to the IT equipment purchasing process and IT Procurement roles moving under Finance, the process of purchasing and renewing these domains has also changed.

To align with procurement best practices and to better support our growing campus, UBCO IT and Procurement will no longer register or renew non-UBC website domains on behalf of departments.

Departments will now manage their own non-UBC domain purchases and renewals as required.

New Domain Purchase Process

Departments who wish to purchase a domain will purchase and register the account in their name and pay for it using their own Pcard or via Workday through a Purchase Requisition (with a copy of the quote / bill).

Enom is a wholesale white-label platform for domains, email, and SSL and has been used by UBCO IT to purchase these domains, however clients are welcome to use any third party reseller they would like. 

Existing Domains / Renewals

Existing accounts purchased previously by IT Procurement need to transfer the account ownership from IT Procurement to the client.

These existing domains were purchased from Enom (a domain registry). Clients have been contacted based on their account renewal date (in Enom) to notify them of the new process and provide instructions on how to register with Enom central so that we can then change the domain ownership to their account.

Account change process:

  1. Ilona contacts the account holder listed in Enom (based on the department code used to charge back the cost) - Andrew has this list
  2. The contact is asked to create an account in their name in Enom
  3. Once the account is created, Ilona notifies the Web and Apps team who then transfer ownership to the department contact

Account Transfer Process:

Transferring an eNomCentral domain to another eNomCentral account owner

  1. Signup for an eNomCentral account through, submit and follow necessary signup instructions. 

  2. After successful signup and you have obtained your Login ID, submit a request to Enable Push for valid account transfer
    1. Go to 
    2. Enter Subject: Enable Push 
    3. Enter Cc: 
    4. Enter Description: Enable Push on my account 
    5. Press Submit 

      More info: 

  3. After you have enabled the Push on your account 
    1. Submit a UBC Self-Service Portal request to transfer ownership of your domain to your eNomCentral account.  
    2. Go to 
      1. Enter Description: 
        “Request to transfer my domain” 
        List the Domain name(s) that you own 
        Provide the Login ID of your new eNomCentral account (from step #1) 
    3. Press Submit 

  4. IT will transfer the domain(s) to the specified eNomCentral account Login ID provided and notify you when this is complete via the UBC Self-Service Portal ticket you submitted. 
    1. Instruction to transfer: 
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