UBC Onboarding process

This article provides a brief explanation of how the New Employee onboarding process works. 

Not Updated for Workday

Please note that this information has not yet been updated with any changes that may occur to this process once Workday is live November 2020.

  • When an employee is hired the administrator will input the employment form into HRMS.
  • Once an employee ID is generated from HRMS an automated email (external) is sent to the new employee and the manager (internal) of the employee.  There is also a mailing list for each HRMS code with at least one person who should receive this notification as well.  Employee record should show up within AccessUBC at this point.
  • This process also generates an automated CWL, if a CWL does not exist already.  This is when we should be able to see the information in AccessUBC (takes up to 24 hours for information to populate).  Previously department admins would supply a CWL PIN to the new employee.  Department admins have been instructed not to do this as it breaks the AccessUBC process if a manual CWL account is created.
  • The new employee has 48 hours to log into the link provided in the email to set their password, change security questions and select an email alias.
  • As part of the onboarding of a new UBCO employee, a FASmail account is also automatically created.



Interesting Facts

If an employee has an existing CWL account the entire AccessUBC process flow with emails does not kick off.  We’ve had this in a few recent cases.  Question to ask anybody phoning in is if they have ever been an employee or student or signed up to be a potential student with UBC.

A student hire is a completely different process due to them having existing CWL accounts already.  In this case they are provided with an HR PIN to tie their employee ID to their existing CWL account in the myAccount system.  Unfortunately, this means that the email alias never gets tied to the FASmail account directly

If the department administrator does not input an external email address at all or puts in say an email address, the AccessUBC process will break and it will be manual after this.  As there will be no email kick off for the employee to sign in to.  Still clarifying the proper escalation process for this.

If anybody else has come across any scenarios please let us know so I can 

 Knowledge Credit - Andy Fehr Clap


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